Autism Financial Support Resources

These Financial Support Resources can help you with financing from various funds and grants at the local and federal level.

Free Benefit Screening for People with Disabilities
Find out if you or a loved-one (ages 18 and up) is eligible for benefits like a free phone, reduce transportation costs, housing and food assistance, respite services and more.
Toni Feagan
The Arc
301-925-7050 ext.267
Scholarships and Financial Aid
This guide from offers students with disabilities easy access to scholarship resources with helpful information on how to apply.
The Camp Bling for Blue Scholarship is entirely based on donations from persons and businesses. It awards individuals up to $300 per calendar year. Awards will be linked to pre-approved day camp registrations and cannot be used to pay for past classes or outstanding debt. The scholarship award may not be used for personal use by award winners (groceries, gas, etc.) All finalists will be reviewed based on their completed application and essay. If deemed eligible, the award will be distributed on a first-come, first served basis.
To help with the cost of college, financial experts at have assembled a Financial Aid Guide for Students with Disabilities.
Act Today!
The ACT Today! board provides funding assistance to families on a quarterly basis.
Tiano O’Dell, PLLC
$1,000 scholarship opportunity for college students with autism
LISS Funds in Prince Georges County funded though DDA
The Arc of PG
Maryland Community Connection
LISS or Low Intensity Support Services- (LISS replaces Rolling Access Funds Low Intensity Support Services (LISS) is a statewide program funded through the Developmental Disability Administration (DDA). LISS are designed to make use of community resources, building on the individuals existing support network, while providing a short-term solution for a problem. LISS assists children and adults to improve their quality of life, remain in their own homes, increase or maintain independence, and participate in their communities. You can download the LISS application by clicking here.
Sarah Petite Fund
County grants funded via the Arc of PG for recreation and travel – ARC membership is required for this program.
United Healthcare Children’s Foundation
National small grants to assist with healthcare expenses.
SSI – Social Security Income for children with disabilities
Parents, caregivers, or representatives of children younger than age 18 who have disabilities may be eligible for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) payments.
National Autism Alliance
NAA offers family First and helping hands grants to families of children with autism who need financial assistance with marital / family counseling and Biomedical treatment.
It’s our goal at to provide students with the knowledge and resources they need to succeed. We’ve created a guide to college planning for students with impairments, a free source of information breaking down the transition process, accommodations, scholarships, and more that impaired students should be prepared with.
Guide to College Planning for Students with Disabilities
Guide to College Planning for Students with Physically Disabilities
Guide to College Planning for Students with Visually Disabilities
Guide to College Planning for Students with Psychiatrically Disabilities
Guide to College Planning for Students with Hearing Disabilities
Guide to College Planning for Students with Learning Disabilities

Visit our Resource Center for more information on autism outreach services on the national, state, and county levels.

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