Meet the OWCA Family
Board of Directors
Donna Pryor President
Melissa Duchene, Ph.D Vice President
TBD Secretary
Garland Reed, M.Ed Treasurer
Meritta Dawson Founding Member at Large
Abila Tazanu, M.D. Executive Director, Pediatrician and Mother of children with autism and co-morbid behavioral health needs
Yulanda Swindell, M.D. Medical Director, Pediatrician and Mother of child with autism
Brenda Reed Program Coordinator, Mother of child with autism
Nataly Aguilar Appointment Coordinator and Lead Administrative Assistant
Aldene Ault, R.N. Nurse
Rhonda Mitchell Prince George’s County Department of Health staff dedicated to supporting our Community Outreach Program
Samuel Gonzalez Family Care Coordinator

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United Way number: 9239

CFC Code: 37105

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